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From the beginning of time, urbanization has been an enduring characteristic of man on this planet, abandoning it as proof and dug in milestones, in a period that is going on and evolving. No, they are hard of hearing structures, yet plans that brought about a geometrical believed that annals the highlights of a particular period with its way of life, its traditions, its economy, and the virtuoso of its occupants. At that point unmistakable figures will rise on the ground we the cutting edge go through then it discloses to us much more... Maybe the principal thing that struck a chord as a peruser of this present article's title is that ordinary picture of Ottoman engineering spoken to by a run of the mill Ottoman mosque, for example, those generally spread in our antiquated Arab urban areas.

Yet, the truth of the matter is that here we have revealed insight into the subtleties of a building period that has for quite some time been ignored, despite the fact that it is firmly identified with Turkey, which we know today, implying that this stage shaped the idea of present day Turkish engineering, that we currently observe as images of the contemporary Turkish Republic. Structures snd Real Estate Turkey Turkish presidential complex structure in Ankara Through this article, we will audit pictures, solid proof and fascinating insights regarding the improvement of Turkish design in the only remaining century, and the degree of its significant effect on the contentions and errors experienced by the Turkish society in that period, among East and West, the nearby and the worldwide, customary and contemporary, to the structural indications of the contrast among religious and common!